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Z80 Projects
    Recently, I've been learning alot about how computers work, about buses and registers and binary, so I decided that I want to build my own. I ordered some Zilog Z80 CPUs off eBay and I want to put them to good use. It was a 10 pack that I got for $10, and I'm going to use one for an Altair-esque machine, and one for another machine more reminiscent of a Commodore 64 or Apple II. Don't really know what I'll use the other 8 for. I was thinking about a robot, but I'll save that for later. I'm going to base the Altair type machine loosesly off of Jim MacArthur's "Zeta 256", and the other will be a PC-in-a-keyboard sort of thing.

I'll put plans and the Z80 Manual on the Downloads page.

The "Zeta 256" by Jim MacArthur (YouTube)

Home-Made Z80 by P. Ramos (YouTube)

Zilog Z80 CPU (Picture from Wikipedia)